Order Specialty License Plates Hernando County Florida

With over 130 Specialty Florida License Plates to choose from why wouldn’t you personalize your car with a License Plate that shows what you support? The fact is many people do not understand how to get a Personalized License Plate or a Specialty License Plate in Florida. BuyFloridaSpecialtyPlates.com has made this process quite simple for its clients. You can browse through all the different Specialty License Plates as well as place your order on this page.

Florida Specialty License Plates support fund raisers and non profits throughout the state. A portion of your yearly vehicle registration fee goes to the organization that is represented by your Specialty License Plate. Most Specialty License Plate requests take less than a day or two for processing and are mailed out securely to you with tracking.

Hernando County Florida drivers for years have had to request a Specialty License Plate in person at any local Tag Agency. BuyFloridaSpecialtyPlates.com has removed the trouble of having to request this Plate in person and have created an online portal for all Specialty License Plate requests. Now Hernando County Florida drivers can request a get a Specialty License Plate from the comfort of their home.

How to purchase a Specialty License Plate:

To purchase a Specialty License Plate in Hernando County Florida, please complete the info request on this page and submit all required information. One of our clerks will then receive the order and begin the swap process. We check all plate requests for anything outstanding that may block you from being able to change over to a Specialty License Plate. Once this check has been completed and cleared we process the Specialty License Plate request. The process can take anywhere from 1-3 business days depending on the Plate you choose. We then ship your new Specialty License Plate and new Registration securely to you with package tracking included. Yes… Its that simple.

Attention: When uploading your Drivers License please make sure the picture looks like the sample below. Unclear or incomplete pictures will be rejected and you will have to resubmit a picture.

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