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Support the groups that reflect what you believe in! Florida offers many ways for you to support groups like local non profits, sports teams, colleges and may other organizations. Buyfloridaspecialtyplates.com offers a simple streamlined process for switching your standard Florida License Plate to a Specialty License Plate.

Stop Heart Disease Specialty Plate

Share The Road Specialty License Plate

Guy Harvey Specialty License Plate

Miami Heat Specialty License Plate

Sheriffs Youth Ranches Specialty License Plate

Gadsden Flag Specialty License Plate

Recent Customer Reviews

Kay Rhoden
Very easy and supports a great cause!
Lori Casey
Great customer service!
Last Son Of Krypton
The process was simple to follow and complete. I received the plate and registration just as my current registration expired. Its a very lovely plate. So happy I decided to do this and to help bring attention to Heart Disease reminding folks to get tested and hopefully a cure is soon found.
Tammy Saunders
They have been extremely helpful for me. And it has been so easy to understand their website.
Nuria Suare
Great experience and the tag arrived faster than expected.
The website was easy to use, and the customer service was outstanding. The service fee is well worth the price because of the time I would have wasted waiting in line at DMV.
Matthew Munroe
I love the plate, it’s a good cause and the people at the office made it easy when I called!!

Looking to change your current Florida License Plate to a Specialty Florida License Plate? Buy Florida Specialty Plates.com is a private Tag Agency that focuses on Specialty License Plates for Florida Drivers. We specialize in Florida License Plates. Everything is available to be completed online digitally. We offer over 125 of Florida’s Specialty Plates. The process is simple, browse through our hundreds of Specialty Plates to choose from. Once you have selected the plate you want then you will complete the info request and submit all required information. One of our clerks will then receive the order and begin the swap process. We check all plate requests for anything outstanding that may block you from being able to change over to a Specialty License Plate. Once this check has been completed and cleared we process the Specialty License Plate request. The process can take anywhere from 1-3 business days depending on the Plate you choose. We then ship your new Specialty License Plate and new Registration securely to you with package tracking included.

Florida offers over 120 different specialty license plates for various organizations in support of the causes they represent. The money raised from the state fees and sale of these license plates goes directly to the organizations they support. Since the inception of specialty license plate millions of dollars have been raised for the organizations.

Most Popular Specialty License Plates

Endless Summer Specialty Plate

Support Law Enforcement License Plate

University of Miami License Plate