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Order your Agriculture Specialty License Plate today from Our process is simple. Fill out all required fields and go through the checkout process. Most Specialty Plates arrive to your door within 5 days of purchase. It’s more than just a special license plate. When you purchase a specialty License Plate in Florida you are supporting a cause. All funds collected from the purchase of a Specialty License Plate goes to the foundations and causes that the Plate supports. Order your plate today and see why we are Florida’s number 1 trusted retailer of Official Specialty License Plates.

By submitting this information to you are giving authorization to look up vehicles registered to you and any attached vehicle information. You are also Authorizing to submit all required request forms to attach the requested plate to your specified vehicle.You may not request Specialty Plates on behalf of anyone but yourself. You must be the registered owner of the vehicle. charges handling fees in addition to state fees for the express specialty tag services offered. All Specialty License Plate purchases take up to 7 business days for processing. If you have any questions in regards to purchasing a Florida Specialty Plate please feel free to contact our offices, one of our Title Clerks will be happy to assist you.