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Funds go to the Wildlife Foundation of Florida, Inc., a citizen support organization created pursuant to s. 379.223, who retains the first $60,000 of the annual use fees as direct reimbursement for administrative costs, startup costs, and costs incurred in the development and approval process. Thereafter, a maximum of 10% of the fees may be used for administrative costs directly associated with education programs, conservation, springs research, and grant administration of the foundation. A maximum of 15% of the fees may be used for continuing promotion and marketing of the license plate. At least 55% of the fees shall be available for competitive grants for targeted community-based springs research not currently available for state funding. The remaining 20% shall be directed toward community outreach programs aimed at implementing such research findings.

Statutory authorization: 320.08058 (62).
Enacted: 10/01/2007. Annual Use Fee: $25.00.

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